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Manatee Peninsula, Dominican Republic

Offered Below Appraised Value!

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Acres: 355+ (1.44 Million Sq. Meters)
Ocean Beach: 4.4 Miles (7.1 KM)

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Healthy, undeveloped land bordered by miles of pristine ocean beaches and sparkling, gentle lagoon waters. Deep water and buildable waterfront with a natural pool.


Christopher Columbus discovered the peninsula on his second trip to the New World in 1493 and he anchored his boats in the lagoon.


Zoned for "Tourism", the official "Tasacion" (Appraisal) received the highest rating of 4: Excellent. Can also divide and sell individual lots or build mixed development.


Area is known as a "hurricane hole" since a 10,000 foot mountain range to the south east acts as a natural hurricane shield.


Less than 90 Minutes from 2 International Airports (Puerto Plata and Santiago).

Local Business Development

The friendly town of La Isabella welcomes all tourist development and activities.


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New Cruise Ship Terminal

Only 30 miles east, the Maimon Bay project, a cruise ship terminal complex, opened early October 2015. Expected to draw up to 8,000 cruise passengers and 2,000 crew members daily.

Be sure to listen to the Investment Property Radio Show on Building Fortunes Radio, and learn more about this incredible property, and the amazing income potential of this beautiful area.

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